EE 381K-9: Advanced Signal Processing

EE 381K-9: Advanced Signal Processing

Last Taught: Spring 2004

Signal processing is rich with tools that have applications in a broad class of problems including communications, controls, microelectronics fabrication, and biomedical engineering. The theory is both elegant and beautiful.

The focus of this class is on statistical signal processing. It deals with signal modeling, optimal filtering, spectrum estimation, and adaptive filtering.

Class time will be divided between the theory of statistical signal processing and statistical signal processing algorithms. Students will apply what they learn throughout the semester to a term project that incorporates an element of novel research.

The Spring 2004 class met TTh 12:30-2:00pm in ENS 126.

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Advanced DSP Visualization Modules

Advanced Digital Signal Processing is an advanced graduate course with an emphasis on mathematical algorithms for processing signals. Sometimes the intuition about how to apply these algorithms is lost in the mathematical complexity. The ADSP Demo Gallery features informative interactive LabVIEW and MATLAB based visualizations and demonstrations to illustrate the application the ideas from ADSP to different problems. These modules were developed by the students in previous ADSP classes.

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