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Graduate Students

I will be recruiting anywhere from 1-3 students starting Fall 2017. I am looking for students with a commitment to excellence in all aspects of their life. I value students that want to pursue an academic career and are willing to put in the sweat equity to make that happen. Equally, I am impressed by students that have an eye on entrepreneurship and want to bring fundamental innovations (that’s the ‘I’ in WSIL) in wireless communications to fruition. Essentially, I am looking for students that want to be leaders. Having a knowledge of ethics and behaving ethically are a must (note that these are two different things). Before sending me an email please be aware of the following:

  • The University of Texas at Austin is ranked among the top ten graduate schools in Electrical Engineering in the country. Admission is very competitive.
  • We are aware of the rankings of schools from around the world and we know how to interpret your grade point average. NEVER convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale. Leave it in the original scale (out of 10, out of 100, etc).
  • You must have something spectacular to be admitted. Being from a good school or having a perfect GRE score is not enough.

If you are interested in joining my research group please adhere to the following guidelines in your correspondence. If you do not follow these guidelines it is unlikely that I will reply to you.

  • Do not send a form letter! This will be deleted immediately. Yes, I recognize form letters used in years past.
  • Make your letter brief.
  • Send a resume in ASCII or .pdf format that follow the suggested format.
  • I get hundreds of emails each year from prospective students. Please indicate your school, current grade-point average using your country’s system, and your current class rank.
  • Send only text with .pdf attachments. DO NOT SEND MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENTS!  I will not read your resume in .doc. I will not reply to your email. If possible send your CV in text.
  • Please indicate if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. A number of defense-related projects require citizenship. If this is the case, please send me email as early as possible.
  • Be sure to list any refereed conference and journal papers and relevant work experience. This is a big plus.
  • Also, consider taking the Test of Spoken English (TSE). Doing well on this test is a big plus.
  • Special codeword: Because I get so many form letters, please put the keyword  “frogfish” for 2016 and “stellate” for 2017. This will make it highly likely that I will read and respond to your email.

To be considered for funding you must obtain admission in the Communications, Networks, and Systems Area. I rarely give RA positions to incoming M.S. students. Occasionally I will give an RA to a student with a M.S. degree. To strengthen your case you should be able to qualify for a teaching assistantship. The University of Texas requires that you attend their orientation for teaching assistants which takes place about 10 days (5 days) before the Fall (Spring) semester begins. If English is not your first language, then The University of Texas requires that you pass an oral examination, which takes place about 14 days before the Fall semester and about 7 days before the Spring semester. If you would like to schedule an appointment to take the next oral teaching assistantship examination, then please contact Ms. Melanie Gulick. For more information about teaching assistantships for international students, please see Other relevant information:

  • Minimum requirements for admission to the graduate EE program
  • Please direct all administrative requests concerning your application (e.g. did UT receive the application? and are my grades high enough?) to Mr. Barry Levitch

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