Channel Estimation


Channel Estimation in Hybrid Precoding Based mmWave and massive MIMO Systems

Hybrid analog and digital precoding has become a means of exploiting both beamforming and spatial multiplexing gains in hardware constrained mmWave cellular systems. In addition to the use of analog beamforming, multiple radio frequency (RF) chains and digital domain processing allow a support of multi-stream MIMO techniques. Before any of the promised gains can be harnessed by hybrid solutions, challenges of estimating channel parameters in mmWave frequencies have to be resolved first. Classical channel estimation techniques developed for lower-frequency MIMO systems may not be applicable for mmWave MIMO due to the employment of directional beamforming and large number of antennas. The sparse nature of the mmWave channel can be exploited to help design channel estimators with high resolution and low implementation complexity.

Recent Results

In our group, we studied the design of low-complexity channel estimation techniques for mmWave channels with hybrid precoding. The sparse feature of mmWave channels has been leveraged in developing adaptive channel estimation algorithms using tools from compressed sensing and adaptive compressed sensing fields. We also investigated amplitude comparison based AoDs and AoAs estimation via analog beamforming and combining in mmWave MIMO systems. Our developed channel estimation methods provide promising channel estimation performance with low complexity.

Select Publications

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The code that implements the algorithms in the paper is available here.

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This work is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1218338 and 1319556, and by gifts from Huawei Technologies, Inc and Nokia.

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