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Fun Photos Taken During Work Trips

000h Robert, Jack, Leszek & Witold with Barbara at the banquet Small

Banquet dinner at CTW 2014 with Jack, Leszek, Witold, and Barbara.


Preparing for a shore dive in Curaçao at CTW 2014.

Visiting ETH Zurich with Armin Wittneben.

Mountain Biking with Vincent Lau

Mountain biking with Vincent Lau during a break at ISIT 2010 in Austin, not far from my house.

Windsurfing in Aruba, December 2009.

Dinner with Phil Schniter in Paris, July 2009.

Lunch with Juan Manuel Ramírez at a nice beachside cafe in Málaga.

I discovered Maotai jiu, a variety of baijiu in Shanghai December 2008.

At CTW 2008 at the famous wall in St. Croix with Angel Lozano.

The Temple of Heaven with Angel Lozano and Maxim Guillaud.

On the Great Wall with Jaime Evans.

ICASSP 2008 after waiting 2 hours to get into Pure with Jaime Evans, Vaughan Clarkson, and Matt McKay.

The biggest benefit of attending DCC is the skiing. This year I upgraded to a helmet (to protect my only tangible asset) and a beard (to keep my face warm). It was warmer in 2008 but great in the afternoon.

Underwater during ICASSP 2007 in Honolulu. I tried to bring my poster down to 90ft but no one showed up to ask questions.

Enjoying the sunset after a hard day of diving the great Barrier reef after VTC Melbourne 2006.

Yep, it’s a big clam. A really big clam. Diving in Cairns in 2006.

A great view of Antonio Forenza.

The biggest benefit of attending DCC is the skiing. This photo was shot in 2006 after a nasty fall (note the snow on my hat, in my goggles, etc). Great snow in 2006.

On the dive boat with Antonio in Kauai after the 2006 International Waveform Diversity & Design Conference.

Me eating a fresh picked guava in Kauai.

Kauai, though maybe not quite at the height of fashion.

Robert Daniels and I visit the famous mermaid in Denmark at WPMC 2005. We had to wait in line to have our photo taken.

Robert Daniels in front of a bar serving Tuborg in Denmark.

The view from the conference hotel at EUSIPCO 2005 is amazing. The white building is an elevator that goes down to a swimming platform – you can jump right in the Mediterranean.

Geert Leus and me taking a break from EUSIPCO 2005 on one of Turkey’s many beaches.

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