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Conference Trips


Presenting on a Connected Vehicles Panel at SXSW Interactive 2015.


Picture taken during the dinner in honor of Professor Paulraj at the Marconi Society 2014 dinner. From left to right: Tom Marzetta, Hemanth Sampath, Bert Hochwald, Nambi Seshadri, Andrea Goldsmith, Jose Tellado, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Robert Heath, Ted Rappaport, Helmut Boelcski, John Cioffi, and Martin Cooper.


Ted Rappaport announcing Jeff Andrews and Robert Heath’s 40 birthday at GLOBECOM.


Picture with Tom Halford and Matt Valenti at MILCOM 2013.

Karaoke with a live band at GLOBECOM 2012. Love Shack never sounded so good.

A great dinner at Roxana’s place, one evening at ITA 2012.

Karaoke after the banquet at ICC 2011 in Kyoto, Japan.

The ITMANET meeting in January 2011 and Stanford. See the NeQuIT and FLoWs

After the banquet at GLOBECOM during Ted Rappaport’s celebration.

Presenting some new work about prediction on the Grassmann manifold at ITA 2010.

After the COMONSENS program review meeting in Santander, Spain, July 2009.

After dinner at VTC in Barcelona, April 2009.

After lunch at ICC 2008.

The after part at CTW 2008, after the banquet, 3 hours of open bar where we burned out the first Pina Colada machine, and a great band.

The after after party on the beach (after we were kicked off the pool deck for being too noisy).

CTW 2008 after the poster session.

Third annual completely unofficial Asilomar Bonfire on the Beach, taken with the ablaze, lots of distortion due to the heat.

Near the top of Bell rock, Sedona, Arizona, CTW 2007.

Proof that I really was blond at VTC 2007 Dublin.

A visit to the Porterhouse with Iain Collings and Brian Krongold.

Me, Angel Lozano, and Constantinos Papadias at GLOBECOM 2006, in the conference after party.

Me, Ana Garcia Armada, and Jeff Andrews at GLOBECOM 2006.

Some crazy Karaoke after the VTC 2006 Melbourne banquet. This was the first Karaoke for many, but not the last…

Visiting the HKUST clean room with Vincent Lau. Note the stunning hair net.

Group photo of the KAIST and WNCG Joint Workshop. A really great event.

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